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April 1, 2009

Musical Rooms Part 69: Eskimo Joe

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“My favourite space to make music in would have to be our home studio space, which we have created in our home town of Perth, Western Australia. The studio is in Kav, our singer’s back yard and is essentially a garage that we have converted into a sound proof room of musical good times.

It’s a there-car garage, so it isn’t got a huge amount of space but it’s by no means too small. The room has developed into quite an earthy space with nice warm colours dominating, which give it a cosy feel. I guess it smells like the three of us in the band so during summer, that can be a heady brew! There are plenty of lighting options in the room depending on which mood we want to create which is dependent on the song that we’re recording and vice versa. The main thing for us is that all of our equipment is on hand and ready to go when we are.

We’ve been a band for 11 years now so we have a huge range of equipment to choose from these days. It’s nice to find something that we bought 10 years ago and have forgotten about and use it on a current track. The Yamaha piano gets a good workout. We also have a great drum kit that is always ready to be recorded, heaps of guitars and a pro-tools HD rig which is just brilliant. Our goal is to make our next record at home so we are well on our way to making that possible.

Wat’s really important for us, I guess, is that it’s all about the vibe of the room, so a good feel is paramount for us to make good music. That and the HD pro-tools rig are pretty indispensable. We tend to grab time when inspiration hits but when we are in writing mode for a record, we get in there fiive days a week and work really hard for about eight months or so. At the end of this process we have a album’s worth of demos ready to record for the album proper. Otherwise, we get in there with musician friends and have boozy jam/recording sessions and we also record other artists albums/eps in our space.

Living in the most isolated city in the world is brilliant for making music without the pressure of a label looking over your shoulder. As far as individually, sometimes space on your own is necessary to develop an idea or part before presenting it to the other guys in the band. Kav will usually come to myself with a song or an idea which is sometimes quite developed and other times pretty raw. We’ll then fill in the gaps together and then present that to Stu for his input. Then we will demo the song over the period of a week or so, layering and deconstructing the song until we’re happy.

The more time we spend and the more songs created in the space the better, I believe. It really adds to the feel of the room which definately effects the musicm, so I guess what I like best is that it keeps getting better!”

Musical Rooms was talking to Joel Quartermain of Eskimo Joe


Eskimo Joe are an Australian rock trio from Fremantle in Western Australia. The line-up includes Kavyen ‘Kav’ Temperley (bass/vocals), Joel Quartermain (guitar) and Stuart MacLeod (guitar) and the band have won various ARIA Awards. Their fourth studio album, Inshalla, is set for release in May. They play Whelans on Thursday April 9th. For more details, visit or

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