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July 6, 2009

Musical Rooms Part 78: One for the Team

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“I love to write music in my apartment. Well, more specifically, in my bedroom. It’s quiet, I’m near the Mississippi River and I can see the Minneapolis skyline from my window. I have hardwood floors and a lot windows, so it’s always sunny and radiates warmth. I also have two orchids on the window ledge next to my desk. I have three guitars, one acoustic guitar, four amplifiers (two big, two small), two synthesizers, a bass guitar, my recording equipment (a laptop with ProTools, a Digi002, a SansAmp, and a Sound Delux U195 vocal microphone), two sets of oversized headphones, and a brilliant hi-fi stereo set-up.

I’d have the most important things for me to have here in this space are the orchids, a model X-Wing and an old broken wind-up clock that I’ve grown rather fond of. My apartment is also my office, so I spend quite a bit of the day within its walls. I tend to drop everything when inspiration strikes, I feel as thought that provides for the most energy and thought when writing. Isolation is very important for the beginning of the process. I often feel like a mad scientist hiding in my evil lair all alone. However, after I get the initial skeletal structure of the song, I bring to the rest of the band and then the song becomes their problem too.

What I like most about here is that it feels like no other place in the world. It feels like home.”

One for the Team is an American indie-rock band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded by American songwriter Ian Anderson in 2006, the band has released two full-length albums – Good Boys Don’t Make Noise and Build It Up – on Afternoon Records and an ep, ‘Build Garden’ this year. The band is completed by co-lead vocalist and keyboard player Grace Fiddler and drummer Elliot Manthey. They play Whelan’s on Friday July 17th. For more information, visit

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  1. […] Hadn’t heard of One For The Team until a few days before they hit town- a piece over at Musical Rooms peaked my interest enough though so had a listen to a couple of their tunes over at their label […]

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