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August 24, 2009

Musical Rooms Part 83: The Vinny Club

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“I make my music in my bedroom in my parents’ house on the Northside of Dublin. My brother and I used to share this room but he went up to the attic when we got it converted. With him gone I set about transforming it into the sexy bachelor pad/recording studio it is today.

There’s far too much stuff rammed in now… all over the floor and in boxes and under my bed. I do battle with it every couple of months but it’s just pure chaos with wires and Weetabix bowls and leather trousers and muscle suits. There are two PC’s, a laptop, a Commodore 64 and Gameboy, a SNES, a MegaDrive, paintings by my amazing girlfriend, a couple of broken synths, a million guitar pedals, tape decks, boxes and boxes of tangled leads that my mam keeps asking me to sort through, some tins of Quality Street from Christmas – and my guitar, an 80’s Vox White Shadow that I got for my 10th birthday. I’ve also got a bass that’s good for slappin’ that I bought in America and of course, my Gibson Explorer Guitar Hero guitar that serves as my live guitar/babe magnet. My room is a bit like that film 1408, except with me instead of John Cusack and music instead of ghosts. And my dog instead of Samuel L. Jackson. I saw him a few months ago actually. In Spain.

Probably the most important thing I have is the Commodore 64. It was the most popular home computer of its day. Hearing the C64 was the thing that as a kid really got me into music, I mean it’s not just blips and blops – although it can dish them out too – the C64s onboard SID chip is really more akin to a miniature analog synth. I realised a couple of years back that I could actually harness the power of that machine to make my own tunes was a bit of a lightbulb moment (or shitebulb moment, depending who you ask). The other important thing for me is my tape deck. My first EP was only available on tape and I recorded them all in this room, on this tape deck, taping over all my old tapes for friends and friends of friends. Actually a guy stopped me at a gig a while ago to complain that the tape I gave him back in the day just had Elvis on it. We all make mistakes, you know.

I spend as much time as I can here, messing with sounds, listening to tunes, sleeping. I’ve been away quite a bit the last while so I haven’t been here as much as I would have liked, so I’ve been making music on my laptop at venues and in the van. There’s no great mystery to it, music is like pooing and I’m lucky enough to be quite regular, touch wood.

The first Vinny Club album was made entirely in this room, on my own. There was no grand scheme to the isolation, more of a “there’s no point asking anyone to be involved in this cos nobody apart from me would ever want to hear to it, let alone work on it” buzz. It really is the most selfish music I could possibly make, purely for my amusement and fun, and I honestly never ever believed anyone apart from me would ever want to listen to this stuff. To say I’ve been surprised by people’s reaction to the album is like saying Prince is alright at riding. So far the most positive thing to come out of releasing the album with the Richter Collective is tons of people have been asking can they get involved with the new stuff, so I’m hoping that there’s gonna be some collaborations on the next album. After a long stint in this bedroom you can find yourself talking to your weetabix about kick drums, which isn’t half as fun as it sounds, believe me.

I’ll usually just be having fun with a bizarre sound or loop or a beat on the C64 and it’ll progress from there. One time I had a dream I was playing a song on Top of the Pops, when I woke up I could remember the song exactly and dragged myself and my duvet over to the computer and recorded ‘It’s Not You It’s OF’, the first tune on my album. Best thing about sleeping in your studio! Still waiting for Top of the Pops to call though. Saps.

What I like most about this space is probably the huge Pierce Brosnan poster over my bed My brother bought it off eBay but it wouldn’t fit in the attic. It’s an eight-foot Tomorrow Never Dies vinyl poster. The guy on eBay said he got it from the premiere but his wife wouldn’t have it in the house.”

Musical Rooms was talking to Vinny of The Vinny Club

The Vinny Club is the lovechild of Vinny, bassist in cult Irish band Adebisi Shank. Born out of a dangerous obsession with 8-bit video games and 80’s action movies, his unique brand of sexy synth pop will leave you with a grin on your face and a boner in your pants. By age 11 Vinny had constructed a makeshift recording studio under his bed where he retreated to for hours on end. His first release was 2007’s Tech Noir EP which garnered rave reviews despite being available as a cassette only release on his own label, “Vince Rekyrds”. Next came 2008’s Rocky IV Reckyrd, a concept album based on Sylvester Stallone’s fourth Rocky movie. It’s an album bursting with glitchy synth pop fun, super fast melodies, whip cracking sexy beats and more funky basslines than you can shake a joystick at.

The Vinny Club play the Richter Collective Singles club at Twisted Pepper on Friday, August 28th. This month’s 7″ vinyl release features new and exclusive tracks by Herv and The Vinny Club. Doors are 9pm and the first 200 people get a free 7″. For more information visit

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