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December 7, 2009

Musical Rooms Part 95: 65 Days of Static

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“Our favourite space to create music is wherever we are allowed to play loud enough to hear ourselves without getting thrown out. This is becoming harder and harder for us to find. I don’t think we’re getting any louder. It’s a rehearsal room where sometimes you can pay by the hour, sometimes you have to pay by the month. Sometimes you can leave your gear set up and sometimes you can’t. Sometimes there is running water and sometimes there isn’t. It is always too cold or too hot. The longer you stay there the more it steals away part of your soul. It will feast on your confidence like a king on a peasant’s bone.

We just have our stuff there, the same stuff we have on stage. In the corners there are piles of broken equipment. Somewhere there might be a kettle. We make all of our beats on an Atari ST and a circuit-bent gameboy. I believe the Royalty to be cannibals. Essential to the room is our instruments, members of the band, coffee and a GO-GET ‘EM attitude. When we are writing we spend every day in the room, for too long. Longer than is fruitful, longer than is healthy. We are lucky enough to be in a band as a job, so we make sure we put in the hours. We’re all too Northern to believe in time-off for inspiration.

As a band, we tend to work alone. If you’re a band who writes with other people, then 65 doesn’t understand you. Personally, isolation is definitely important. But the rest of the band keep turning up and making trouble. Our creative process takes 14 months. It starts with a round table meeting where each member of ’65 put forward their concept for the next project. This time round, Simon voted through sheer force of will, with his idea of writing a soundtrack for the Bayeux Tapestry. Did you know that, despite its title, it isn’t a tapestry, it is actually an embroidery? After the initial meeting, we basically argued for a year, and then wrote some instrumental nonsense on a laptop when we realised we were running out of time. We use drums, a bass guitar, some other guitars, a keyboard, a sampler, some other, smaller keyboards, and a computer. Oh, and a mixer. And various leads to join all of it together.

What we like most about the space is that it’s beautiful, infinite and expanding outwards at the speed of light.”

Combining elements of post-rock with heavy electronica influences, Sheffield’s instrumental 65daysodstatic have developed into Britian’s finest live act. Currently working on a new album, they’ll be taking time out to play at umack’s 15th birthday party at Tripod on Thursday December 10th. The bill also includes Battles, The Ex, the !!! DJs and Adebisi Shank. Doors are 8pm and tickets are €35 From Sound Cellar, Road Records, City Discs, Sentinel & online at For more information on 65daysofstatic, visit

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