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February 8, 2008

Musical Rooms Part 11: Delorentos

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“Our place in Portrane is my favourite place to make music. We have a small apartment that we converted to a practice room in Portrane in North Dublin, on a peninsula, with an estuary on one side and the Irish sea on the other. Portrane is a quiet place because it doesn’t lead anywhere, you can’t drive through Portrane on the way to anywhere else, you have to want to go there. The village was renowned for having a massive Psychiatric Hospital, on hundreds of acres. It had it’s own farm supplying the patients and staff, it was self sufficient. Unfortunately it is in bits and pieces now, with only a handful of patients and staff, and much of the buildings are abandoned. For Dublin, it’s quite a country place, it’s quiet and isolated which suits us down to the ground.

In the apartment we have every piece of equipment we own (and some stuff that other people own). We record all our practices on a small 8-track and take MP3s with us to listen to in our spare time. When we come back a couple of days later we can sort out what works, and what doesn’t work. That 8-track, along with the lists of all the songs we’re working on are the most important things in our practice space (apart from the band itself)

We are there every other day for hours and hours, usually at night time and we tend to stick to practicing every second day. We try to do full days where possible and work as long as we can. When inspiration hits, we stay as long is it does. We have come to realise that you have to spend as much time together as possible to make good music. We never settle on or songs and are constantly changing them as we think of new melodies and pieces of music.

I think the fact that we have always made our music in isolation from the practice rooms in the city has meant that we’ve developed independently to other bands. We write together and being isolated means we are rarely, if ever distracted. We have always had the time and the space to spend hours and hours playing over pieces of music, arguing about how to make a song work better, and in that way we’ve made progress at our own pace.

I like that through the window you can see the sunset over the Estuary. During the summer we write with all the doors and windows open, so the sound carries around the Peninsula and people that are mowing their lawns or sitting in their gardens can hear what we’re doing, which is both good and bad.”


Delorentos’ current album In Love With Detail is nominated for this year’s Choice Music Prize. This month, they play Dolan’s in Limerick on February 16th, The Granary in Killarney, Kerry on February 22nd, Cypress Avenue in Cork on February 23rd and the Choice Music Prize gig at Vicar Street, Dublin on February 27th. For more information on the band visit

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