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May 1, 2008

Musical Rooms Part 23: Essie Jain

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“The only place I like to create music is always my house in New York – I’ve never been one of those folks who’s able to pick up a guitar and write music in a moving vehicle. The room itself is compact and small, it’s recently been painted the colour purple, and it’s tucked in at the edge of my house, with one window – the sunlight can take a while to make its way round the building, so it’s a fair bit darker than the rest of my home.

For a while there, it was all white walls, and it had nothing in it other than piles of random, small items and some instruments – but lately, I’ve felt the need to start working on it, getting it filled up with more things to bring in the warmth. A while ago, the most important thing to have in that space would have been candles, because the ceiling lights went out… but last month, my friend bought in a lamp.

I use a public internet connection from one of the cafe’s downstairs, which is next to my building – right now, that room is the only area in my house where my airport picks it up, so I’m in there a lot on the computer. My guitar has been staring at me lately, complaining that I don’t give it enough attention, which is true. I’ve always found myself writing music in the middle of the night –
there is something quite strange in the air during those hours that I like being a part of. Sometimes you can truly, only do the work alone, and sometimes you really need other people to be there with you, to bring their characters into your world. I think it depends on where you are at any given moment.

I like the fact that this room is not finished yet – and I get to make it into whatever it’s becoming.”

Essie Jain released her debut album We Made This Ourselves on the reknowned Leaf label last month. Her soft, tapered vocals have been compared to Vashti Bunyan and the album consists of sparse pianos and percussion by Jim White (PJ Harvey, Dirty Three, Will Oldham). London-born, but based in New York, Jain has already completed a second album, The InBetween, due for release this month in the US. For more information, gig dates and tracks, visit

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