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August 7, 2008

Competition: Win tickets to see Little Wings in Whelan’s

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kylefieldLittle Wings play Whelan’s next Wednesday, August 13th with support from Goodtime John.

To win one of three double passes to see the band, just answer the following question:

Kyle Field was a member of the band Rodriquez with two other well-known musicians. Name one.

Leave your answer in the comments (or by email to musicalroomsATgmailDOTcom) and winners will be chosen by 5pm next Tuesday, August 12th.

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Musical Rooms Part 38: Little Wings

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“I have absolutely no favorite because I really like constant change, so a new place is exciting; the music can happen in a new way and new experience is what I am interested in. I use people’s spaces/friend’s “jam pads” i don’t have one of my own. My theory has always been stay relatively gearless, low overheads, don’t rent a practice space, etc. so that I usually just dip into people’s zones for x number of days and making a recording. I like the unfamiliar smells, every bit of new stimulus is good for my style of doing things. I get really swamped by the same old space sometimes, the place where I live has so many other uses than just for playing music, cooking, paying bills.

What’s important in that space is whatever musical equipment people are using – it’s a treat for me to use too. There is a random element wherein you are collaborating with what’s there, and I enjoy the loss of that control. I can be fairly improvisational, creatively speaking. In terms of how much time I spend in a place, it all depends. When I am ready to unload the songs again, the right situation appears.

I enjoy the feedback (non-verbal) and not just the bounce back that playing new songs for people gives me. I think getting alone time is essential to let the thoughts and ideas breathe, but too much of it defeats the purpose for me.

There are anywhere from between five and 30 ways that a song can start to happen for me. Writing words first – like, I want a song titled : this! – a melody hummed while playing an instrument, a melody sung while walking around, singing someone else’s song and getting one of my own out of it, making fun of a song I don’t really like or think is goofy and realizing i could come up with words that would fit that and it would make sense, etc. The way that it happens varies which is nice I think, I have to think about it to remember how a song happened, and I remember where I was sometimes and often some life details too.

I don’t own much recording equipment myself. I always thought that if I had it around I would never use it. Or use it alot at first and then let it collect dust like some sad Nintendo sitting under a coffee table. So I have a hand-held tape recorder that I use to document melodies that would be impossible for me to remember. I also have Garageband on my laptop and have used it to great success. Once the song starts, I think it takes over and how it was recorded was forgotten. I don’t even have an external microphone, I just use the built-in mic and it sounds fine somehow.

What I like most about my space is that I take it with me however I can.”

Originally formed in the seaside town of San Luis Obispo, the music of Little Wings completely imbibes the environment in which it was conceived. The brainchild of American songwriter, performer and acclaimed visual artist Kyle Field, he has recorded albums for both K Records and Marriage Records and has played bass in the band Rodriguez with M Ward and Mike Funk. Devendra Banhart also invited Field and his friends to join his latest European tour as his backing band. Little Wings play Upstairs at Whelan’s, on Wednesday August 13th at 8pm. Support is from Goodtime John and tickets cost €10 plus booking fee from WAV,, Road Records and City Discs. For more information, visit

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