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April 3, 2009

50 Best Irish music acts right now (who contributed to Musical Rooms)

davidholmesMyself and three Ticket colleagues (Jim Carroll, Tony Clayton Lea and Lauren Murphy) were each recently asked to compile a list of the ’50 Best Irish music acts right now’. As expected there’s lots of debate about it over on Jim Carroll’s blog. There were lots of bands I voted for that aren’t on the list, and some I didn’t vote for that made the final 50. Either way, it’s great to see a light shined on so many bands and the list proves that Irish music is in a fairly robust health. Well done to David Holmes for bagging the No. 1 slot.

Here’s a list of those included in the Top 50 who have contributed to Musical Rooms so far. Watch out for upcoming contributions from Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Ann Scott and Dark Room Notes.

(49) David Turpin
(46) Mick Flannery
(38) The Jimmy Cake
(29) Julie Feeney
(23) Messiah J &The Expert
(20) Oppenheimer
(19) Chequerboard
(13) RSAG
(8) Adrian Crowley
(6) Villagers
(5) Lisa Hannigan
(4) Fight Like Apes
(2) Jape

March 2, 2009

Musical Rooms Part 63: Mick Flannery


“I have a cottage in Co Cork, deep in the hills where the main room has been turned into a studio/rehearsal room. I just got a new (secondhand) acoustic upright piano which I’m really enjoying at the moment! It’s very remote, small and about 100 years old. Built from old granite, there’s a main room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a loft where I sleep, which has a wood burning stove that gives off a wonderful amount of heat!

I use lots of guitars, amps, my piano, a drum kit, ProTools and a shit load of microphones which Christian (my drummer) seems to have fetish for… The most important thing for me to have here is the wood burning stove – damn handy over the winter! I’m lucky enough to live there, so I don’t have to work to a schedule regarding writing.

Sometimes isolation is important, but sometimes it’s important to work alone. For me, the creative process starts with a melody in my head and it either gets forgotten or develops. If I expand on it, I’ll experiment with piano, guitar and vocals but not necessarily in that order!

What I like most about this space is that it’s remote.”

Hailing from Blarney Co. Cork, songwriter Mick Flannery has release two albums to date. The second, White Lies, was released on EMI and is nominated for the 2008 Choice Music Prize, which takes place at Vicar Street on Wednesday March 4th. For more information and details of upcoming live shows, visit or

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