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November 16, 2007

Musical Rooms Part 2: Jape

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“For me the only place I can create music is in my house, because that is where all my equipment is set up. I usually write electronic stuff downstairs at my desk, and guitar songs upstairs, staring out of my window. I live in a small house, with a bedroom upstairs and a kitchen/sitting room/studio/angry girlfriend downstairs. The most important things for me to have in this space are no distractions. I need to be able to pace around the place listening to mixes over and over again (like a twitching madman).

It seems like I spend all my time here and I have had cabin fever for about two years now. In terms of a schedule, I try to discipline myself and find that I work better in the daytime, so I normally will start around nine and work til three-ish… That’s my optimal plan anyway, but the coffee shop and internet have made big dints in that shit over the years, ah yeah. When I’m working on Jape stuff, I write alone. I find it can be quite lonely and emotionally draining sometimes because you are trying to hit upon something hones,t and that can be hard. But then fleshing out the songs for playing live when we jam together as a band is fun. What do I like most about my space? The emotional proximity of my kettle.”


Jape aka Richie Egan released one of the best Irish albums ever in 2004, The Monkeys in the Zoo Have More Fun Than Me. Its long-awaited follow-up is due in early 2008 on V2 records and the ‘Jape is Grape’ ep, featuring various mixes of ‘Floating’, (D.A.D.D.Y. video for the single is here) is out now. Jape plays Crawdaddy on Friday November 23rd and Saturday November 24th. Other Irish dates are as follows: November 22nd (UCD College Bar), December 5th (Cork – Cyprus Avenue), December 6th (Limerick – Dolans), December 7th (Galway – Roisin Dubh), December 8th (Derry – Nerve Centre) and December 9th (Belfast . Speakeasy).

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