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May 2, 2008

Musical Rooms in The Irish Times

dawn2From today, I’m delighted to say that the Musical Rooms will appear as an occasional column in The Ticket, in The Irish Times. People have been very supportive of the series since it started on the blog back in November. Musicians who read it confess that it’s a bit like Through the Keyhole for them, without the nasally guided tour by Lloyd Grossman of course. Here’s some background on how it all started, and a full index of all the contributing acts to date.

Particularly recommended are Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s toilet, the
kitchen antics of this year’s Choice Music Prize winners Super Extra Bonus Party, James Yorkson and his stuffed heron, Adrian Crowley’s attic hideout and Dawn Landes’ New York recording studio.

The first Musical Rooms piece, featuring The Jimmy Cake, can found here in today’s Ticket.

January 14, 2008

Musical Rooms Part 7: Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip

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Dan Le Sac:

“To be honest, because most of the work I do is on a laptop, I can do it pretty much anywhere. My favorite place though is pretty much any room of my house. It’s a tiny little brick-built terrace in Reading. We own very little furniture but have a lot of mess, and the best bit about it is one of my neighbours is deaf. I do have a room called the music room, but it is always pretty much a shit tip, so I’m not sure if it’s a help or a hindrance though…

All I need in that space is a table and chair – I have very simple requirements. In terms of time spent here, it’s basically most of my waking hours. As far writing to a schedule or when inspiration hits, for me it’s a bit of both really. I jot down ideas as they come to me but try to set aside a few hours a day to flesh out those musings.

I don’t play well with other children so isolation is really important. I’m really easily distracted so tend not to do anything when other people are about. The most important thing is a little time alone before I work, an hour or so to get my head straight.

There’s in nothing in particular that I like about the space I make music in. It’s not an exciting room. The best thing about it is that it exists. I spent the years before moving to this house without anywhere defined to work, so at least now I don’t have to be in a constant cycle of setting up mics and the kit and then having to put it all away when someone wants to use the dining table.”

Scroobius Pip

“When I’m recording, my favourite place to do so is any space in my house that is free at the time. Sometimes the toilet, more often my bedroom. For me, it’s all about function. I have cheap drum kit that is just about good enough so that it can do the job. It’s ALWAYS cramped when I’m recording but thats a good thing. A bit of pressure and discomfort keeps you humble!

I don’t have much in my recording space except for my mics, my mixing desk type thing and that’s about it. Oh and three woolly hats – my headphones suck so I have to wear three woolly hats on top of each other so my vocals come out clean enough for Le Sac to use.

I’ll spend as much time here for however long it takes to get things done, but I’m a bit of a one-take type character to be honest. That’s not me showing off though, it’s more a lazy thing. I’m all about content as opposed to finesse, so it’s normally Le Sac that sends it back saying “Bro, you can hear your mum in the background telling you dinner is ready. Re-record it.” I do as I’m told. He know best.

In terms of writing, I don’t have a schedule, it’s usually when inspiration hits. I don’t like to force things. Recording-wise it depends on when I have an empty house. I don’t like recording much when others are about. I like to be able to set all my stuff up and know I’m gonna have no distractions and all that.

ISOLATION is key for me! Me and Le Sac work separately and it really works for us. It allows each of us to progress a track in our own ways without someone leaning over our shoulders. Dan makes a beat and emails it to me, I record a vocal, email it back. We are modern men! Sometimes I will email Dan a rough track and he will build a beat, but its far better to put your ideas and criticisms across in an articulate email than lurching over someone’s shoulder going: “Why you doing it like that?”

What do like most about my space is exactly that, It’s MY space. There’s no one messing about with my stuff or pressuring me to finish up!”


Best known for their cult electro rant ‘Thou Shall Always Kill’, Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip have notched up a huge following, managed to audition for X Factor and bring out a clutch of killer singles. They play Crawdaddy this Friday January 18th and The Black Box in Belfast on January 19th. In February they’ll be touring the UK supporting Mark Ronson. For more info visit

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